Craniosacral Therapy uses a light ‘listening’ touch to address the root causes of a problem through engaging with the deepest expressions of Health within the body

When the body is in a state of health, there is a feeling of openness and aliveness within every part of the body. All our physiological, psychological and energetic processes are working together in an optimal way.

However, as a result of adverse experiences, whether that be stress, illness, injury or trauma, these natural processes become disturbed, constricted or even shut down. This can lead to a variety of physical, emotional and even psychological problems.

Craniosacral therapists work from an engaged place of empathy and support, and use a light “listening” touch to become aware of how these dysfunctional patterns are held within the body, and can then help to facilitate their release.


Babies and Children

Craniosacral therapy is particularly well known for its treatment of babies and children. Many parents bring their baby for treatment in order to help them, for example overcome the effects of a difficult birth or to address any other specific concerns that may be affecting them.

Children of all ages can benefit from Craniosacral therapy treatment. Many children carry unresolved stresses and anxieties from different areas of their lives, often manifesting as specific physical, emotional and behavioural problems.

For further information on the treatment of babies and children, please Click Here.

What conditions can Craniosacral Therapy treat?

People come to Craniosacral therapy for a variety of different reasons including physical problems, unresolved emotional issues as well as to address the after-effects of shock and trauma.

Others use this work proactively as a way of maintaining their state of health, addressing any potential issues before they become actual problems.

Clinic Details

Clinic location – College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, 19, Castle Street, Reading, RG1 7SB

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Cost per session – £55 for adults, babies and children

Length of session – 1 hour

You can make an appointment by contacting Graham on or on 07748 786281

Please note that 24 hours of cancellations is required otherwise the full fee will be charged

Treatment with Craniosacral therapy is intended to complement, not replace, the relationship you have with your medical practitioner. If you have, or suspect you may have a health problem, please see your doctor. Never disregard medical advice or delay in seeking it because of anything you have read on this website.