Training Courses

with Graham Kennedy & Kate Rosati

An Exploration of the Impact that our Earliest Experiences have on us


training2Enhancing the Future offers a number of in-depth training courses to help support students in their exploration of the ways in which their early life experiences have impacted them.

Each training consists of four 3-day modules spaced approximately 2-3 months apart. There is a mix of theory, personal exploratory process and work with creative arts media.

Drawing on a number of different disciplines, we will look at the ways in which our birth and prenatal experience have shaped both our psyche and our body, and how these imprints continue to effect us in our adult lives.

These trainings are suitable for anyone who has a personal or professional interest in early life experiences.


The Birth Journey Training

IMG_1190The birth process is more than just the means through which we come into the world.  It is a major period of transition in our lives.  This transition has the potential to strongly shape our developing bodies and brains.

Unless resolved, these physical and psychological repercussions have the potential to continue to influence many different areas of our lives.

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The Umbilical Story

IMG_1179One of the most profound relationships we have in our prenatal life is with our umbilical cord. The cord is an external organ of the prenate’s body through which we receive food and oxygen, as well as biochemical indicators of our mothers emotional states and stress levels.

It is our literal lifeline through which we, ideally get all of our physical and emotional needs met. As well as this, it is the conduit through which we experience our mother, and through her our external environment.

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