The Birth Journey – One Year Training

with Graham Kennedy & Kate Rosati

Exploring the Impact that our Birth has had upon us and how it has Shaped us


IMG_1169The birth process is more than just the means through which we come into the world.  It is a major period of transition in our lives.  This transition has the potential to strongly shape our developing bodies and brains.

Unless resolved, these physical and psychological repercussions have the potential to continue to influence many different areas of our lives.

I have let go of stuff I have been holding onto for years, and also stuff that I did not know I had!

This series of four three-day workshops provides a detailed experiential overview of the birth process and the ways in which this incredible journey impacts our lives.

IMG_1190We will look at the ways in which each of the birth stages imprints deep-seated and long-lasting physical and emotional effects, and also the ways in which we commonly re-enact these effects in our everyday lives.

Click Here for a summary of each of the birth stages.

Utterly life changing and transformative. “

During each workshop, students will undertake explorations of their own birth in a safe, contained and resourced way, in order to release and repattern these deep-seated restrictions into a more positive and functional way of being.

There will also be powerpoint and video presentations covering material relevant to each stage.

IMG_1180Ample time is given between workshops to allow for the integration of the previous material.  There is no home study required.  Commitment to attendance at all four workshops is required.

I had no idea how many life issues our birth journey can affect. I left the course feeling a far greater sense of freedom and peace of mind, as well as a knowledge that I will be able to face challenges in life much better in the future.”




Costs – £1400 for the full course (payable as an initial deposit of £220 followed by four subsequent payments of £295 at each workshop).

Dates and Venue –

College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, Reading, Berks. RG1 7SB

  • Stage One – October 25-27th 2013
  • Stage Two – February 7-9th 2014
  • Stage Three – May 16-18th
  • Stage Four – September 5-7th

Your place on the course will be confirmed once we have received your booking form and the course deposit.  You can download a booking form Here.

In order to be able to provide each student with the optimum support and time they need, please note that this training is limited to a maximum of 9 students

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